SFERE-Provence 2018 Conference





The Conference is organised by the Federative structure for study and research on education in Provence (SFERE-Provence) of Aix-Marseille University. It aims at breaking down the barriers between disciplines so as to develop knowledge in the teaching, learning and training sectors, either about educational organisations or institutionalised training systems. Working in partnership with several research laboratories, the federative structure enhances the visibility of the research policies pursued, and therefore leads to better coordination and greater social and scientific impacts of research on education.


The Conference intends to question the conditions required for school achievement through 4 major themes:

  • Theme 1 “Language skills and communication” aims at highlighting the importance of language and communication skills to the proper development of core competencies.
  • Theme 2 “Uses of the body and education” focuses on interdisciplinary approaches relating to the uses of the body in the activity student/learner – teacher/trainer in learning, education and training contexts.
  • Theme 3 “Territories, trajectories and mobility” tackles the issue of educational, social and migratory inequalities.
  • Theme 4 “Creativity and innovation” deals with pedagogical innovation within different teaching and learning systems.

All these themes intend to promote interdisciplinary research while respecting each discipline’s particularities. All levels of study are covered (primary, secondary and tertiary level). International work will be greatly appreciated. Two types of communication are allowed: empirical research and state of the art.





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